Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mystic Cab Premieres on June 26, 2008!

Mystic Cab was originally a play, co-written and performed by Kert Peterson and myself at the 2004 Frontera Fest at Hyde Park Theatre. It's the story of Grover, an Indian cab driver and Dick, an investment banker, who keep meeting in Grover's car over the course of a year. As Grover says, "There are no coincidences!"and as we find out, this indeed proves true.

My original motivation was to convey youplusU's temporal essence through a story. The longer title, "Guru or Disciple? YES!" reveals this motivation. Grover's cab parallels Arjuna's chariot in the Bhagavad Gita, but the relationship between Dick and Grover is quite different than Arjuna and Krishna. Theirs is a lock-step dance around a circle of duality, each informing and enlightening the other. It was only a few years later that I realized (much to my delight!) that the story also contained MRE and bootstrapping!

Even though Guru was filmed in the summer of 2006, it patiently awaited its right time for release. First, Brandy Rainey Amstel launched the Bootstrap Austin Film Subgroup in June2007 and this led to the first ever Bootstrap Film Fest. The micro-festival also includes films by Brandy and Jason Howell. and is hosted online by BSide, a Bootstrap Austin company founded by Chris Hyams.

I'm excited that all the elements have come together and invite Austinites to see these films on June 26th at the Arbor Cinema from 6-8:30pm. Advance tickets are available through the Bootstrap Film Fest site.

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Richard said...

Having witnessed some of the initial planning and development of the first Mystic Cab play, I cannot wait to find an opportunity to see the film version!